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How to order a poem

Send me your instructions by e-mail. Tell me about the person and the occasion the poem is for, and any special content you would like me to include. If the poem is a gift for a loved one, tell me what you feel is special about that person. If it’s for a wedding, you could tell me how the couple met, or what makes them right for each other. For a poem to read at a birthday party, you could tell me some funny or embarrassing incidents from the person’s past. The more detail you give me to pick and choose from, the more personal the finished poem will be.

I will respond within 24 hours. Sometimes I can accept the commission right away, and sometimes I need to ask for more information. Please allow enough time for a bit of dialogue. I want to get this right for you!

When I am ready to start writing, I will send you a PayPal invoice for the cost of the poem. Once your payment has cleared, you will receive the finished poem within three business days.

I do not give refunds, as there is no way for you to return the goods! However, if you are not completely satisfied, I will rewrite the poem as many times as it takes to make you happy. Rewrites will take about two days.

Standard poems cost $60 and are usually about 8-16 lines.
Limericks also cost $60. I know they are short, but a really good limerick is not easy to write.

Special rates apply if you require a poem that is very long or particularly clever. Sonnets, for example cost $80.

There are cheaper poetry services out there; feel free to browse. Verse as polished as mine takes time to write.

To order a poem e-mail:
themasterpoet at themasterpoet dot com

Sample Poems